What is Botox?


Not a single person probably exists today, who hasn’t heard this name, and many don’t really know, what is Botox in fact? The substance is botulinum toxin type A, produced by fermentation of Clostridium botulinum. It also contains some cleansing complex, which consists of neurotoxins and several types of protein.

Protein complex breakdown occurs in physiological conditions, and pure neurotoxin is released. Purified with special complex, the botulinum toxin type A binds to albumins, providing the activity and effect of Botox.

Muscle relaxant effect of the drug is used in cosmetology for smoothing and preventing facial wrinkles. Botox pharmacological effect exerts in the injection area. At that presynaptic capture and retrograde axonal transport of the substance from presynaptic endings to the body is minimal. Despite the fact that the drug is a neurotoxin, it does not penetrate through the blood-brain barrier.

Botox pharmacodynamics

Mechanism of Botox action lies in presynaptic blockade of the acetylcholine release from the nerve endings in the muscles of peripheral cholinergic synapses that takes place in three stages.

  1. At the first stage of local injection, the molecules of the drug reach the center of muscle nerve endings by means of SNAP-25 transport proteins, attaching to them.
  2. At the second stage, Botox penetrates into the endoplasm of cholinergic muscle endings, breaking down into short and long chains.
  3. At the third stage, the short chain specifically and irreversibly splits the SNAP-25 protein, thereby preventing the muscular contraction and the release of acetylcholine into synaptic chains.

The final result of Botox injection is the prolonged decline in muscle receptors activity. The drug reduces motion activity of the muscles, but at the same time doesn’t cause muscular atrophy.

Once the drug achieves the nerve endings in the muscles, it stays active within 30 minutes. The entire process of the medicine penetration into endoplasm of cholinergic muscle and blockade of the SNAP-25 protein transport takes between 24 and 72 hours. The maximum clinical Botox effect occurs few days after the injection.

Indications for Botox

Botox muscle relaxant is used in cosmetology to eliminate facial wrinkles around the eyes, nasal bridge, chin, in the forehead area, neck and chest. By acting on the nerve endings of the muscles, the drug relaxes the muscles, due to which wrinkles disappear.

Botox therapeutic indication include treatment of:

  • nictitating spasm
  • hemifacial spasm
  • paralytic spasm
  • cervical dystonia
  • severe primary hyperhidrosis
  • focal spasticity in adults
  • spasticity of the upper and lower limbs in ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis)

Recommendations for Botox usage

The injections of Botulinum toxin type A should be performed in specialized medical facilities only. Thus, only a qualified doctor is capable of determining and adjusting Botox dosage, as well as places for its injection.

Apply to the services of a professional is very important, since an improperly performed procedure may cause some complications after Botox injection:

  • drooping eyelids,
  • dropping brow area,
  • dropping lateral areas of the brows,
  • mouth asymmetry,
  • lip numbness,
  • impaired articulation
  • facial asymmetry.

How to order Botox online?

When you enter a website of an online pharmacy to buy Botox, make sure you don’t miss any special offers or promotions that might help you save some money. Choosing convenient payment and shipping option is another important step to consider. Choose wisely, and your anti-wrinkle procedure will acquire even more pluses than you expected.