Freeze 24-7 Wrinkle Treatment Review

Freeze 24-7 Wrinkle Treatment

Freeze 24-7 Wrinkle Treatment claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  This cream not only moisturizes your skin, it numbs the target area eliminating wrinkles during the time that you wear the product.  As a moisturizer this product was simply average.  Freeze Wrinkle Treatment did remove some roughness of skin, howeverit did not leave skin feeling anything more special than your average drug store eye cream. 

As for the numbing aspect of Freeze 24-7 Wrinkle Treatment, it did seem to numb the area and eliminate your ability to fold your skin into a wrinkle.  However, it also made your skin feel uncomfortable like after the dentist.  Overall the results were moderate to poor and the bizarre sensation left most of our users asking why someone would want to use this cream daily.

The Value

There really isn’t much value to report on this one.  Unfortunately, Freeze 24-7 Wrinkle Treatment did not live up to the hype.  Both uncomfortable to wear and limited results make this value less than average.  While many people have reported amazing things about this product, it was not the finding in our tests.


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Our Recommendation

We can not recommend this product with a clean conscience.  It has reported to have amazing results, but not during our tests.  We may have had hightened expectations due to all the publicity, but we were thoroughly let down.  Freeze 24-7 Wrinkle Treatment may work for you, but it did not for us.

These gimmick type products, are often interesting but usually have some sort of draw back, for us, you could feel it “freezing” but that didn’t deliver the results, we had hoped it would.  For real results or a product that we are proud to recommend you may wish to review our Top Rated Wrinkle Cream before you make your next purchase.