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Dr. Brandt V Zone Neck Cream

Dr. Brandt V Zone Neck Cream has gained in online searches recently, and the reviews out there seem to be pretty good. This neck cream is not overly established nor is the Dr. Brandt product range, we were honestly intrigued to see whether or not this product would deliver the same results as many of our best neck creams.

Our initial review of the website didn’t indicate any significant concerns for us, and both the website and product packaging seem professional enough. I am not sure how we felt about the ‘take the doctor home with you’ approach, but we are not reviewing the marketing approach here, we just want to know whether or not sagging turkey neck and deep wrinkles and creases will be treated and healed. After all, that’s really what we want.  We decided to let the cheesy, gimmick marketing thing go, and focus on brass taxes.

The Results

After a thorough testing period and consistent applications of Dr. Brandt V Zone Neck Cream we can honestly say we were presently surprised. Don’t get me wrong, it does not compare to the results achieved with our Best Neck Cream, but it blew away many of the other products we tested. Despite its relatively new arrival in the marketplace, V Zone did improve the structural integrity of the skin, diminishing sagging skin and delivering deep moisture to the skin cells. We had some questions as to whether or not the results were a temporary effect because of wearing the product, or whether or not the product actually healed the skin. But either way with daily use of Dr. Brandt V Zone it doesn’t really matter.

We must admit, we were a bit surprised and did not expect to see V Zone make it into our top rated neck creams. But performance is what matters. Again, these results do not compare to the long lasting results of our Best Neck Cream, but it certainly established itself near the front of the pack. For our money, go with Dermagist, but if you are looking for a product that costs a few dollars less and is of quality, this may be for you.

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