When Botox Cosmetic is used?

Botox Cosmetic

Botox Cosmetic is a muscle relaxant of peripheral action, which temporarily blocks the activity of mimic muscles and thereby contributes to wrinkles smoothing. The drug most effectively eliminates wrinkles, localized in the upper half of the face.

What kind of wrinkles can be eliminated by means of Botox Cosmetic?

Men and women aged 18-65 may use Botox Cosmetic to get rid of:

  • horizontal forehead wrinkles;
  • vertical wrinkles between eyebrows;
  • small wrinkles around eyes (“crow’s feet”).

Efficiency of Botox Cosmetic use for wrinkles smoothing

The result of these anti-wrinkle treatments is as effective as facelift surgery (for example, rhytidectomy). However, these procedures allow achieving the effect immediately, in contrast to plastic surgery. Botox Cosmetic procedure takes just half an hour, after which the patient may return to his usual life.

In contrast to plastic surgery, there is no need for bandaging or antibiotics course after Botox Cosmetic injections. Within 10 days after the procedure with this drug, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows are eliminated. Accordingly, the forehead becomes smooth and the skin turns young and glowing.

This drug may help people correct the eyebrows shape and give them a beautiful curve. Thus, an experienced Botox Cosmetic injector may help you get a lift up of the lateral eyebrow part, and visually create the effect of more open look.

Correction of eyebrows shape is achieved by relaxing the central part of frontal muscles and relaxing the muscle tone, located in the lateral parts of the forehead. Competently chosen injection sites of Botox Cosmetic and the choice of the optimal dose of the drug allow to easily control the angle of eyebrow bending.

As a result of the hyperactivity of the lateral circular eye muscle part, people get wrinkles around the eyes. Botox Cosmetic is also effective for this problem. The drug is used for weakening the activity of lateral eye muscle part, due to which wrinkles around the eyes smooth out. At that, the patient preserves the ability to blink and close the eyes.

The efficiency of Botox Cosmetic injections into facial muscles depends on three factors, such as:

  • wrinkle depth;
  • skin elasticity;
  • dosage of Botox Cosmetic.

At young age, facial skin is more elastic than in adulthood, therefore minimum doses of Botox Cosmetic are used to eliminate wrinkles in young women and men.

To smooth out expression wrinkles in old age, cosmeticians may recommend elderly women or men to combine Botox Cosmetic with fillers on the basis of hyaluronic acid (for example, Teosyal or Restylan). Combining two various cosmetic procedures allows smoothing out not only mimic, but also static wrinkles, formed in old age.

If you want to buy Botox and fillers online, but have never ordered cosmetic medicines on any online pharmacies, please consult the online pharmacist. Before you place your order, you may ask your questions by phone or live chat.