Skin care after Botox

The first results of Botox are noticeable on the next day after the procedure: wrinkles smooth out gradually, completely disappearing throughout a day. Although the anti-aging effect of this drug preserves throughout six months, patients should not neglect the skin care.

Botox has an external rejuvenation effect. It temporarily hinders the activity of facial muscles, therefore mimic wrinkles also disappear. However, the drug does not stimulate the release of collagen and elastin, therefore the skin aging process on the cellular level goes on.

It is not difficult to take skin post care after Botox injections, though it does have some peculiarities:

  • limit amounts of fluid intake
  • avoid spicy meals
  • give up on salty products
  • use light anti-bruising and anti-swelling masks in case of these side effects after Botox injections.

Swelling may be caused by excessive liquid, consumed within a week after Botox injections for wrinkles. Eye area is very gentle, so calming masks may give you the feeling of freshness and coolness once you put them on the face.

However, face massaging after Botox is strongly not recommended. Other restrictions for the period of the drug action include electric muscle stimulation and microcurrent therapy. These manipulations may weaken the effect of the procedure, and you will have to repeat Botox injections much earlier than you’ve planned.

Ten days after the injections, muscle relaxation effect of Botox becomes maximal, after which you may start your skin care routine. Remove dead skin cells using scrubs or exfoliators once a week. Apply moisturizing mask 1-2 times a week and nourishing mask once a week. Frequency of application and components of masks depend on type and condition of your skin.

Daily skin care after Botox injections is the same as usually:

  1. gentle cleansing with a toning lotion,
  2. application of cream or moisturizing serum in the morning and evening.

Day cream for regular use must contain SPF, which helps protect face of the destroying UV-rays influence. As for nighttime care, you should use night cream with collagen, stimulating the regeneration of the skin.

Post care after Botox also may include the recommendations on using moisturizing serum with retinol and hyaluronic acid before applying day or night cream. Serum contains more nutrients than the face cream. In addition, the liquid texture of serum penetrates into deep layers of epidermis.

When applying any anti-wrinkle cosmetic product, please note that your face needs a delicate care. That’s why creams, serum and masks have to be applied carefully, not damaging or stretching skin. After Botox injections treatment, rough rubbing of a mask, cream or serum into your skin may reduce to zero the wonderful effect of the drug. You should gently tap them with your fingertips into the skin.

For effective smoothing of wrinkles, Botox may be used along with fillers, like Teosyal or Restylane that contain hyaluronic acid. These fillers are introduced into the deep wrinkles, filling them and lining the skin surface.

If you decided to buy Botox online, please choose the most convenient type of payment and shipping of this cosmetic medication. When buying several vials on an online pharmacy, you may an get a discount. For more information on how to buy this muscle relaxant at discount price, contact the online pharmacist or client support service.