Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye Treatment Reviews

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye

We are finding that Perricone is a name that we are continually hearing more and more about, at least in the e-commerce segment of the anti-aging marketplace.  The Eye Treatment By Perricone MD was intriguing to us due to the Cold Plasma Eye Treatment name it was given.  I know that may sound silly, but it’s catchy and it grabbed my attention and I was honestly interested in finding more about the product.

After a quick glance of their webpage however, my genuine excitement was replaced with a certain suspicion.  This is a common feeling for us consumers in the skin care market.  We are always hopeful that this one, is the one that we have been searching for.  Unfortunately for us, they seldom are and we are out some hard earned money.  While my gut has been proved wrong on occasion in the past, I found a few things concerning that are worth mentioning. 

It is designed to treat dry, puffy eyes.  Those choice of words were concerning to me, as a regular moisturizer would do those things.  Saying it is designed to “deliver optimal hydration and minimize the appearance of puffiness and dark circles” struck me as strange, so I decided to look a bit further into the active ingredients.

We were unable to locate any sort of active ingredients listed on the website that would indicate the type of treatment they were describing.  That being said, we continued on to the testing portion, each of us with different predictions of what this product will do.

The Results

Well, I will say this; the product does deliver moisture to the eye area, and does so rather well.  This is not uncommon with eye creams, gels or serums, but because they prefaced the moisture as the primary treatment of the product, it is certainly worth mentioning that it did deliver said moisture.   Our problem with Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye Treatment, comes with the second part of their claim.  The minimizing the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.  We were not able to document any changes in dark circles significant enough worth mentioning, and only a few testers saw reduction in puffiness.  Wrinkles were reduced a bit and our eye area felt healthier, but as far as results, it simply missed the mark.  Hands down a great moisturizer, but as far as a dark circle or puffiness treatment, it does not compare to our Top Rated Eye Treatment.

We did not review any of the other Perricone MD Product line and our independent test of the Cold Plasma Eye Treatment should not reflect in anyway on any of the other products in their range.  We have several  members of our staff, who thoroughly enjoy their product line, and were shocked my our results with this one.