Oxytokin Reviews

Oxytokin Reviews

Reviews of Oxytokin are available online, but our readers wanted our take. Oxytokin is relatively new eye treatment on the market. The reviews of Oxytokin, while plentiful, are seldom insightful and sound more like a sales pitch than actual reviews. We figured an unbiased review of this eye cream would benefit our readers, and any others that may choose to visit from time to time.

Our initial review of Oxytokin website caught us completely off guard. There were two major concerns that surfaced that we wanted to share. First and foremost, the entire website is dedicated to pricing justification.   What I mean by that is, Oxytokin is on the lower end of the price range making it affordable for consumers. But rather than just say that, Oxytokin has created a conspiracy theory about wrinkle cream manufacturers keeping secrets from consumers. Come on. Scare tactics may work on a few consumers and may even increase your sales, but it is shady marketing and it screams scam tactic to us. Whether or not Oxytokin works or not, still remains to be seen, but that was the first major issue for us on the website. The second concern was far less significant but still present. It took us a while to realize that Oxytokin is an eye cream, not a wrinkle cream. All of the content on the site is about the wrinkle cream industry conspiracy and very little of it is dedicated to what Oxytokin is designed to do.

While neither of these two items has a direct effect on our ultimate review of Oxytokin, we always raise questions, when questions need raising. Needless to say, we were interested in seeing how this test would play out.

The Results

Our testing of Oxytokin eye cream was a complete one. We wanted to test the results in wrinkle reduction, removal of dark circles and the removal or correction of under-eye bags. As we mentioned there was very little information available to us about Oxytokin, but it does say that it treats all of the signs of aging common with the eye area.

We have only seen one product that can deliver a high level of eye treatment to each of those symptoms and that is why we have named it our Best Eye Cream. Oxytokin, however, only claims to treat each of these areas. The creams seemed well balanced and we had little to no reaction to the products noted, however the same was true for results. Oxytokin delivered some moisture to the area, and you could see some improvement to the eye area in the hours following application, minimal but still present. But we were not able to document any long term results at all. Wrinkles remained same length and depth, dark circles still present, and some of our testers actually reported that the under-eye bags were actually worse (common mistake with consumers, probably means it was starting to work).

Oxytokin is a decent overall product, and if short term results are what you are looking for, perhaps this is the product for you. We were highly skeptical about this eye cream after we saw the website, however it proved that it can compare with many of the products on the market. Clearly not a comparison to our Best Eye Cream, but Oxytokin is far from the worst. Tough call, but overall we say pass, long term benefits are too important to overlook.