Nanotokin Eye Treatment Reviews

Nanotokin Eye

Nanotokin is a brand name that is most likely new to many of us.  It has been establishing itself a bit more recently on the internet and it makes some impressive claims.  As many of you know, we are a review team that likes to see the active ingredients and the scientific documentation that supports the use of the product.  Nanotokin is a company that provides that information to you, and as a result, many readers have asked what our opinion of the product was.  To be honest, I have never known anyone that has used the product and for the first time entered a review, without some prior knowledge from a trusted source.

Nanotokin Claims to treat wrinkles, dark circles, under eye bags and puffiness.  Essentially a complete anti-aging treatment for the eye area, Nanotokin had our interest.  After an initial read through of the website, we found that Nanotokin actually uses 14 Active ingredients in their product and lists them all right there for you.  It concerned me right off.

We have used products or tested many of the active ingredients that were listed, and while some have proven results, others have very little.  What was even more concerning to us, was the fact that many of these active ingredients were redundant.  Meaning there were 3-4 ingredients being used per skin care condition.  It made very little sense from a formulation point of view, and if you know anything about creating wrinkle creams and anti-aging products, it is very rare to see this type of thing.

Our concerns were that it looked like an internet marketer grabbed a list of marketable ingredients, or ingredients that looked like generated some traffic online and threw them together so that the average consumer would think that they have found one “miracle” product that has all of the very best ingredients in it.  Our scientists, on the other hand, were much more skeptical.


The product was well balanced, and packaged neatly, not like many of the other smaller companies out there, and arrived in a reasonable amount of time.  Nanotokin is interesting in that it provides a sort of temporary effect on the skin.  Difficult to figure out which ingredient is doing so accurately, although many of their actives do provide instant, temporary effects.  The issue for us, was the lack of any lasting or therapeutic results.  Dark circles were not improved at all in our tests, and puffiness was only reduced marginally.  Most of the results came in the wrinkle treatment department, but those were only of the temporary sort.  An OK product, provided instant short term results is all you are interested in, for us it just didn’t deliver the complete treatment of dark circles, under eye bags, and wrinkles like our Top Rated Eye Treatment.