Meaningful Beauty Reviews

Meaningful Beauty Reviews

As a wrinkle cream reviews website, we must have a review of Meaningful Beauty. Meaningful beauty has a large marketing campaign with Cindy Crawford as its spokesperson and endorser. Chances are that you have seen this infomercial. Cindy at home with her family allowing each to treat their symptoms of aging with Meaningful Beauty. Because of the volume of product searches that an infomercial of this size generates, it is important to us at to offer up our own independent review of Meaningful Beauty.

There are a couple of concerns that we had initially after viewing the infomercial. First and foremost, the indication that a ‘rare melon from France’ is the secret behind this product. While whether or not Meaningful Beauty will deliver on its promises or not remains to be seen, but in our experience, companies that offer concrete scientific studies of the active ingredients are used, usually work better.  The rare melon explanation is certainly romantic in theory, but we were hesitant to believe it was really going to work.

The second issue that we have initially is the use of the Celebrity Spokesperson. Cindy Crawford is certainly a beautiful woman that has aged very well. But it is important that consumers remember, that Cindy is a paid spokesperson, and the chances of her really using Meaningful Beauty throughout her life is slim to none. She may like the product, but it is in no way responsible for how she looks at her age. Meaningful Beauty may prove to be the best wrinkle cream during testing but the approach had us a bit concerned.

The Results

Throughout our 60 day testing period of Meaningful Beauty there were plenty of positives. Our skin looked healthier, in fact the first few days of applications, had most of us very excited about this products potential. Unfortunately, while shine and luster of our skin was noted across the board, we saw very little actual change to wrinkles and sagging skin; at least long term that is. The condition of our skin looked a bit better each day when we applied it, but comparing before and after photos we could not document any difference in wrinkle length or depth. We base most of our decisions on the changes that we can document, and therefore Meaningful Beauty does not compare with our Best Wrinkle Creams. If you want to explore the concept that you are using the same products as Cindy Crawford, that’s up to you, but if you want real changes, we recommend that you continue your search.