InstantEffect – 90 Second Anti-Wrinkle

InstantEffect - 90 Second Anti-Wrinkle

One of the latest ‘Free Trial’ offers on the market is Instant Effect. The product promises 90 second visible anti-wrinkle effects, which certainly sounds nice. This is another product that has seemingly endless marketing budgets and has TV commercials blasting consumers each and every night. Advertising of that proportion, means our readers are that much more interested in finding out if the product really works.

InstantEffect is made by Hydroxotone, the manufacturer behind Hydrolyze, another product notorious for the free trial, TV marketing campaigning. InstantEffect is a product designed lift and smooth wrinkles within 90 seconds. It is not designed to provide any therapeutic benefits, in other words, it is not going to heal anything, just cover it up for a period of a few hours.   InstantEffect is not alone, there are many product designed to do just that, and consumers seem to continuously buy them.

Upon our initial review of the InstantEffect website, it seemed like a normal website by Hydroxotone and it was professional. If there was anything concerning it was the lack of explanation of how the product works.   There is a section that reads “the magic behind the results” but there is no real explanation. I for one don’t spend my money on “magic” treatments. They offered up skin tightening crystals, vitamins and moisturizers as the active ingredients. We were a bit skeptical, to be honest, because of the hydrolyze reviews we had done. InstantEffect had its work cut out.

The Results

InstantEffect is a quick working product in deed. There are anti-wrinkle results from this product in roughly 90 seconds. The results are not staggering and will not make you look 10 years younger, but InstantEffect does work. It would be nice, however, for the tightening sensation to not be so uncomfortable. It really feels strange to wear, especially in certain areas of the face. Applying makeup was another aspect that seemed frustrating to many testers, although with some regular use this was able to be minimized. Overall, InstantEffect is a decent product. You will not enjoy wearing it and for many the tightening sensation and the fact that applying makeup is next to impossible will be too much. But many of us women have certainly endured more for some extra help, so the call is really yours. Personally, the lack of long term effect, the discomfort, and makeup thing is too much for me to overcome and recommend this. But like I said, it will provide anti-wrinkle results, so the call is yours. For our money you can get the same instant results, as well as, long term high quality results in our Top Rated Wrinkle Cream.