Hydrolyze Under-Eye Treatment by Hydroxatone Reviews

Hydrolyze Under-Eye Treatment by Hydroxotone

If you watch the television at all and are modestly attentive to skin care commercials, you have most likely come across this Hydrolyze FREE TRIAL eye treatment.  The amount of reviews requested that we have received from our readers for an honest reviews of Hydrolyze was astounding.  We have heard everything about this product, is it a scam? To stories of its miracle treatment? After realizing just how many marketing dollars this company has been investing in this product’s promotion, we decided that a review here for our readers is not only appropriate, it is a must.

Any of us who have tried a few different brands of anti-aging skin care products know that there is some hesitation needed when trying out a product that is only available as a “Free Trial” subscription.  That being said, we know the game and know the importance of reading the fine print, but it does merit mention here. (In case this process is new to you, read the fine print on any free trial so that you understand exactly how and when you will be charge, failing to do so is a costly and frustrating experience.)

The products arrived to us fairly quickly, and were in good condition and the containers seemed to be of average quality.  All seemed good so far.  The hype on this product is that it will treat wrinkles, dark circles, under-eye bags or puffiness; it is an all in one treatment.  After using this product for well over the “recommended” period of time to see results what we found was something else all-together.

Hydrolyze by Hydroxotone is a quality cream, it is well balanced and we didn’t have much skin irritation reported, at least not enough to raise concerns.  Our problem with Hydrolyze is its claims to treat dark circles and puffiness.  These are two very concerning symptoms to consumers and hydrolyze did very little to reduce either in our experience.  This eye treatment did reduce wrinkles some, and some of the testers were pleased with it and said they would continue the use.  However our testers that were primarily concerned with dark circles and puffiness did not report enough results for their, or our, satisfaction.


Overall Hydrolyze is an average product.  There are major concerns about the automatic billing and automatic shipping business model that they use, however if you understand it, you can avoid a nightmare.  The cream itself was just ok.  It did reduce some wrinkles, but we found its claims to reduce dark circles and puffiness vastly overstated.  If you don’t mind playing financial Russian roulette and you want to try something for free, perhaps this is the right choice.  But if you are searching for a quality eye treatment that delivers results on wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness, you’re better off with our Top Rated Eye Treatment.

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