HydroDerm Wrinkle Cream Review

HydroDerm Wrinkle Cream

HydroDerm wrinkle cream is a topical delivered collagen treatment.  This unique wrinkle cream was quite popular due to its promise of a Free Trial.  Many consumers have made all sorts of claims regarding the false nature of this free trial and suspect results.  In our independent testing of this products the results the results were unfortunately similar to that which we heard on forums.  Our testing of our product began by signing up for the “Free Trial,” the problem is it is nothing other than a veiled attempt to get a monthly subscription out of each consumer. 

When my testers and I finally recieved the product it was weeks later.  Frustrated and irritated about the delay we began our testing.  Well the irritation certainly continued.  I had a terrible reaction to it, but that does occasionally happen with my skin type.  I was however, surprised to find out that nearly 43% of all testers reported a reaction to the product.  Even more concerning was the fact that over 60% reported no being able to see results with the naked eye.  While there was results seen under the microscope none were visible in the mirror.

The Value

Evaluating HydroDerm was unfortunately dissapointing.  The price of the product is far too high for the results that it provided, not even considering the irritation.  The concept of the Free Trial would be nice, if it did not require monthly subscription.  Overall, we saw no value in this purchase.


At the time of the purchase HydroDerm did not offer a guarantee, it was offering a free trial.

Our Recommendation

BestWrinkleCreamsReview.com does not recommend the use of this product by our consumers.  The few positive reviews and limited results we reviewed as not strong enough for a recommendation in our book.  The product may work for you, but we did not see enough results in our independent tests to warrant that endorsement. If serious long term treatment is what you are looking for, perhaps our Top Rated Wrinkle Cream is what you are looking for.