Dremu – Deception Review

Dremu - Deception Review

This popular cream has been getting alot of reviews.  The goal of this product is to reduce the ability of your eyes to be able to see this product.  Deception does contain some moisturizing qualities, however it is not designed to actually treat or heal the wrinkles on your face. While not a conventional wrinkle cream, surprisingly it does work.

By itself this product does nothing to reduce wrinkles or proactively treat future signs of aging.  What it does is eliminate some of the shading and reflective qualities of wrinkles making them appeare to dissapear.  During our use of this product there were a few moderate side effects.  While most users were content with its deceptive qualities, over 25% of our users reported an uncomfortable sensation when the product was applied.  Minor irritation was noted as well in a few instances.

With Dermu, we were pleased with this products delivery of its promises, however most of the users would have given the product a better rating had the cream had some sort of therapeutic qualities.

The Value

The Dremu line of anti aging products are all moderately priced and certainly Deception is no exception.  With as many products out there that do not deliver on their promises, Deception at least does what it says it will.  For the money this product is a decent value.


At the time of our review, Dermu offered no guarantee of this product.

Our Recommendation

Our recommendation when it comes to this product is somewhat complex.  We certainly endorse Deception’s ability to mask the appearance of wrinkles.  However, it is difficult for us to recommend this product as a true solution to wrinkles.  If you need a temporary solution for wrinkles this may be the product for you.  But if you need actual treatment then this product simply does not provide that.  Masking the results is very handy and is nice on special occasions, but treating the issue is far more attractive an option for us.  Should you agree with us, and you want a quality anti aging treatment, check out our Top Rated Wrinkle Cream.