Dermavie Anti-Aging Serum Reviews

Dermavisu Anti-Aging Serum

We decided to offer reviews of Dermavie, after a reader recommended we do so. It was, however, Dermavie themselves that made us feel compelled to share our review with everyone. Dermavie Anti-Aging Serum is an extraordinarily high priced product, and the claims it makes begs a staff like us to review Dermavie. We do not make our judgments prior to testing the product, and there have been plenty of times when we had to eat crow because we thought a product would be great and it turned out to be nonsense, but when a company says that 100% of people who use the product receive results,

Dermavie, may or may not be a great anti-aging serum, at this point in our testing we have not applied it, but 100% just doesn’t happen, ever. And to do so make outrageous claims without actually discussing the active ingredients, or how the product works, seems very strange to us. When coupled with the $250 price tag, it makes it seem like they are using price to sway the opinions of consumers. ‘It must be good if it costs $250’ is a common thought process for consumers whether or not you can believe it.

Now when we received the product, we saw that it is supposedly a 90 day supply of Dermavie. This obviously reduces the opinion of it being too costly. 90 days is a fairly long time, and while Dermavie would still be on the costly side of things, 90 days is a lot better than 30.

We decided, due to the amount of product, to extend our normal 60 day testing period to a full 90 days. The product was nice to wear and our skin felt healthy after only a few applications. But unfortunately, feeling healthy is all we saw. We did not see any changes. But let me be clear about this, there was little doubt that the product had improved the condition of our skin. It looked more vibrant, and it was deeply moisturizing. But we rate actual visible results, real, documented changes in the skin. Unfortunately in that regard we didn’t see any.


We are always going to question 100% success rates, just because skin types and people react differently to different types of treatments. We ran the test for the full 90 days, and we have plenty of good things to say about this product. The price, unfortunately, is not one of them. Either is results. If you can afford to use an anti-aging serum and not expect to see any changes, then this is for you. But, most of our readers want to see physical changes as it pertains to wrinkle depth, length, removal of discoloration or enlarged pores, etc. It just wasn’t happening for our testing panel. It makes that over-hyping of the product seem absurd. As if they are just trying to get as much money from you as possible the first time, as there is probably very few return customers at that price.  While Dermavie does not compare to our Best Wrinkle Cream, it is certainly no where near the worst one we have tried.