Clinical efficiency of Botox for wrinkle treatment

Botox Injections

As we age, skin loses its elasticity, moreover muscle tone decreases that contributes to the wrinkles formation. The first signs of skin aging are:

  • swelling of the area around the eyes,
  • dark skin in the eye area,
  • feeling of skin tightness,
  • wrinkles.

Since the skin condition depends both on your lifestyle and bad habits (like forehead contraction), manifestation of wrinkles might not coincide with your biological age. Some people have wrinkles at 40-45, others – at 20-25. Surgical treatment has long been used for wrinkles removal. However, Botox injections became a popular alternative of surgical wrinkle treatment.

Botox is effective in smoothing mimic wrinkles:

  • in the forehead area,
  • in the corners of the eyes,
  • between the eyebrows.

Due to the fact that the drug relaxes the muscles, the depth of mimic wrinkles reduces and skin smooths out without a surgery. Botox effectively eliminates swellings and mimic wrinkles, due to which face gets tightened and refreshed.

Botox is a natural purified protein, which in therapeutical doses greatly relaxes the muscles that cause the wrinkle formation. The cosmetic wrinkle removal procedure is very simple. The drug is injected into the area around the eyes, forehead or between the eyebrows, specifically into the areas, where wrinkles form.

Clinical efficiency of Botox injections is explained by the fact that it blocks the impulses, which the nervous system carries to the facial muscles. Thus, the treatment prevents the contraction of subcutaneous muscles, thanks to which the skin folds and wrinkles smooth out. Muscles, injected with the drug, relax and cease functioning.

The clinical effect of Botox terminates in approximately 4-6 months after the procedure. At the same time, the functions of nerve muscle endings restore, and wrinkles appear again. The important thing is that the facial expression does not change after the treatment, since the drug exerts its muscle relaxant effect only in those muscles, in which it is administered.

Cosmetic procedure on mimic wrinkles elimination lasts about 30 minutes. Botox clinical effect (muscle relaxant) starts 2-3 days after the administration. Mimic wrinkles smooth out in the area of eyes, eyebrows and forehead during 7-14 days after the procedure.

The therapeutic Botox effect persists within 4-6 months. Patients are recommended to repeat the course of anti-wrinkle therapy not earlier than 4 months after the last injections.

Botox efficacy and safety maintains, if the injections are done properly in the necessary muscle and in the required dosage. The procedures should be performed in specialized clinics to avoid side effects.

Botox efficiency for wrinkle removal is proven by multiple years of experience and clinical trials. It is a safe and effective drug for improving the skin texture and removing unaesthetic folds without causing discomfort in patients.

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