Botox safety and efficiency

Botox safety and efficiency

Botox is the first injectable drug which has been used in cosmetology to eliminate facial wrinkles. Mechanism of its action lies in its ability to relax or completely block the action of muscles, contraction of which contributes to wrinkles formation.

Cosmetic rejuvenation procedure involves the administration of Botox injections in the facial muscles. Aesthetic procedures with this drug take approximately 30 minutes. Clinical effect lasts 4 to 6 months after the intramuscular administration of this cosmetic medication.

Cosmetic anti-wrinkle Botox injections help avoid certain inconveniences, characteristic of surgical methods:

  • no scars remain on the patient’s face,
  • the patient doesn’t need wearing bandages
  • no recovery procedures are required.

At present, many aesthetic specialists prefer using injections with Botox. Safe and efficient alternative to the surgical facial rejuvenation became extremely popular in the last decades.

Some discomfort is possible in Botox injection sites, which manifests through the skin swelling that usually goes away in 1-2 days. Thus, the majority of patients choose these procedures, since they don’t have to:

  • stay at the hospital,
  • take medications,
  • observe a postoperative regimen.

Patient may go home immediately after the procedure with Botox, safety of which has been proven by multiple satisfied men and women.

One more advantage of these procedures lies in the fact that the muscle relaxant action of the drug affects only the muscles, in which it was introduced. Namely the local action of Botox effectively removes the expression lines.

The anti-wrinkle treatments should be carried out by a qualified specialist. He should have a deep knowledge of the facial muscles structure, if he is going to inject them with Botox. Efficiency and safety of a procedure depend on the accuracy of the drug administration into the muscles that must be weakened or blocked.

If a doctor wants to make the cosmetic procedure with Botox injections safe and effective, he should thoroughly examine the patient’s face. He should determine the severity of expression lines, the area of their formation, the structure and elasticity of the patient’s skin. Based on the results, the cosmetologist determines the optimal dose and injection area.

Immediately before injecting Botox into the mouth area or any other areas, the cosmetologist should inform his patient about:

  • mechanism of Botox action;
  • method of administration;
  • contraindications to intramuscular administration of Botox;
  • possible complications;
  • duration of the achieved Botox effect.

To perform a procedure with Botox safely, the doctor should place the patient in a sitting position. The drug is administered by means of a special thin syringe into the hyperactive facial muscle.

The total Botox dose is allocated between several points for a greater muscle relaxant effect. Wrinkles smooth out not earlier than 2-3 days after the cosmetic procedure, and the achieved result persists 4 to 6 months.

When patient goes through the procedure with Botox systematically, the total dose of the drug, administered into the hyperactive facial muscles, is usually reduced.

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