Botox to remove glabellar lines

Botox to remove glabellar lines

Glabellar lines are folds of skin that are formed between the eyebrows. They can occur even at early age. There are many causes of wrinkles:

  • age factor,
  • poor nutrition
  • improper skin care.

However, mimic activity remains one of the most important causes of glabellar lines. Botox injections may help you smoothing these out, but first we have to understand, how they form.

As you know, face expresses human emotions: joy, anger, sadness or wonder. That is why mimic muscles contract and tighten the skin all the time. Further on, our skin ceases to resist this effect and is incapable of smoothing out any longer.

Thus, wrinkles form very quickly in the areas, where most of the contractions take place. Overall, glabellar lines appear earlier than other wrinkles, since facial wrinkles on the forehead are especially active.

With age, glabellar lines become deeper and more noticeable. It is barely possible to get rid of deep wrinkles by using cosmetic products. Still, you can and you should fight them. Using the injections of Botox into glabellar lines may successively solve this unpleasant skin flaw.

Many people wonder, how injecting the drug into certain areas may help smoothing glabellar lines. Botox is an onabotulinumtoxinA medication with a local muscle relaxation effect. It is injected subcutaneously, so it blocks the nerve endings and relaxes the muscles. Reduced facial activity results in lesser skin contractions.

The correction procedure of glabellar line using Botox injections

Glabellar lines correction procedure starts with determining Botox dosage and administration points. To do that, doctor asks the patient to show his emotions, such as squinting or smiling. This helps identify the most active muscles.

Totally, the doctor marks 5 Botox injection points, outlined for glabellar lines removal. These are:

  • 2 points from each side of the face
  • 1 point in the middle of the procerus muscle.

Botox injections are usually performed with insulin syringes.

The needle is pointed upwards and medially. Before starting to inject the drug, doctor firmly presses his thumb and index finger on the patient’s skin below the edge of the eye socket. This helps him avoid improper drug distribution and omitting the eyelid.

Doctor inserts 4 IU of the drug into each injection point. The doctor injects a total of 20 Botox units for glabellar lines during the procedure. However, the dose may vary, depending on the muscle size and skin thickness.

The effect of the injections becomes noticeable in 4-6 days after the procedure. This period is characterized by swelling and redness of the skin. However, Botox side effects tend to pass quickly.

The procedure helps the skin become smooth and preserves this effect for 4-6 months.

Repeated Botox injections for glabellar lines may be carried out in 3 months after the first administration. Yet, systematic use of the drug may involve lowering of the dose, used during the treatment.

How to order Botox online?

When you visit a website of an online pharmacy to buy Botox online, you are asked to choose one of payment and shipping options. Make sure you give it carefully consider all the variants before you make the final choice and pay for the drug.

If you have scheduled a procedure of Botox for glabellar lines, make sure you will get your drug in time and manage to save some money, since the drug is cheaper on the online pharmacies than in conventional ones.