Botox and peeling

Botox and peeling

Any woman becomes interested in aesthetic medicine at certain moments of life. This is explained by the fact that facial skin loses its elasticity, and wrinkles appear with age. In modern aesthetic medicine, various cosmetic procedures are used to improve the appearance and to keep the youth. Cosmetic procedures with Botox injections are considered the most effective, safe and painless among all rejuvenation methods.

Botox is a drug, used in cosmetology to eliminate (to smooth out) mimic wrinkles. As a rule, expression lines occur due to active use of mimic muscles. Every person has his own habits, like:

  • squinting the eyes,
  • contracting the forehead,
  • knitting the brows.

Such frequent facial muscles contraction cause the formation of wrinkles that alter a person’s appearance and he starts looking older. Botox injections will help return the youth and smoothen wrinkles.

In aesthetic medicine, Botox injections are administered into active mimic muscles to eliminate wrinkles. The drug relaxes or completely blocks the activity of mimic muscles after this cosmetic procedure, thereby it smooths out expression lines. Just a few days after the facial rejuvenation aesthetic procedure with Botox, expression wrinkles are smoothed out, and the face looks fresh and young.

If you also have acne scars, or pigmentation marks in addition to wrinkles, you may be recommended facial peeling after Botox injections. Peeling is a cosmetic procedure which helps improve skin by removing dead cells from it. Thus, cosmetic peeling effectively smooths the skin and gives it elasticity.

However, if you just had a Botox injection, peeling is allowed 2-3 weeks later. The point is that the muscles relax and wrinkles are smoothed out after the procedure. Peeling does not eliminate wrinkles, but only refreshes the skin. Wrinkles are not caused by a decrease of skin elasticity, but by the muscles under it.

Therefore, the cosmetic procedure of wrinkle elimination with Botox will increase the effect of peeling. When you combine the intramuscular injections with this drug and cosmetic peeling, you ensure a 6-month lasting effect:

  • skin elasticity returns
  • skin looks fresh
  • face looks young.

Wrinkles will gradually reappear as Botox is excreted from the body. So, you will have to repeat the injections several times a year to keep youth and freshness of facial skin. Cosmetic procedures with this cosmetic substance may be used until a man or a woman keeps having the desire to look young and attractive.

How to order Botox injection online?

To order this anti-ageing aid online, choose the preferable delivery method. The online pharmacies offer the drug at lower than the local pharmacies of your city. Therefore, you will be able to significantly save your money when you buy Botox online without prescription, even taking into account the postal service fees.